Sample Budget for a Little Piney wedding

(150 Guests/Saturday)

Venue Fee - $8,900
Food - $1,750
Alcohol - $500
(2 large kegs + wine from Trader Joes or Costo)

DJ - $750
Flowers for the Wedding Party - $750
Cake - $250


*Notes about a Little Piney budget

- Couples may choose to bring in any vendor that fits their style and budget. This sample budget is based on the average cost of using our recommended vendors (found here). Let us know if you would like ideas of how to keep things more simple or how to get more extravagant–we have lot of ideas to share from the creative couples who’ve been here in the past.

  - Most couples borrow decorations (for free) from our Magic Closet

- Little Piney does NOT charge gratuity.